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How To Become More Explosive In Taekwondo With Plyometrics | Performance Ground
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How To Become More Explosive In Taekwondo With Plyometrics

How To Become More Explosive Taekwondo With Plyometrics

How To Become More Explosive In Taekwondo With Plyometrics


Dominant taekwondo athletes are able to over-power and out-manoeuvre their opponent using explosive footwork, movement and striking patterns. By bouncing and staying on the balls of their feet fighters maintain a constant state of tension and readiness in their muscles, ready for the next explosive movement. In order to develop high levels of tension and elasticity in your muscles and tendons you should look to utilise jumping, bounding and skipping exercises, commonly referred to as plyometrics. In this article, we will teach you how to become more explosive in taekwondo with plyometrics.


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Before attempting repetitive plyometrics you should first ensure that you are able to land and absorb force effectively. This is not only important for your progression with regard to the exercises but also for your taekwondo performance. The recovery phase of any kicking or striking movement in taekwondo requires the athlete to land safely, often on one leg. The importance of a safe landing and the ability to absorb force with the correct joint alignment (ankles, knees and hips should be in line without any inward collapse of the knee) during these movements cannot be overstated, so make sure that you are performing safe technique in the gym in order for it to transfer to your performance.


Landing exercises such as box drops and jump & sticks are ideal to develop your ability to accept force and teach you how to position your limbs to absorb and then express forceful movements. Once you are competent at this you can progress on to repetitive hopping and bounding exercises such as hurdle hops, single leg bounds and single leg hops. These exercises will enable you to develop rapid foot speed and power in your kicking and striking movements and become a more explosive taekwondo athlete.

Being quick and explosive in taekwondo is vitally important to successful performance. In this article, we showed you how to become an explosive taekwondo athlete. Plyometric exercises are a great way of improving these physical attributes and should be a staple of your training programme. Be sure to follow a safe and logical progression from basic landing movements through to single leg hops and bounds. You do not need to complete lots of reps of plyometrics, they are most effective if performed with focus and great quality.

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