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3 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power | Performance Ground
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3 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power

3 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power

3 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power

Medicine ball exercises for a power workout.

Today, we’re going to talk about using medicine ball exercises to develop your explosive power.

Power is a combination of speed and force so using the medicine balls we can use a relative load say like 5- 10 kg and move it as quickly as possible to develop our power.

We use heavier movements like bench press, squatting or our big compound lifts to improve our strength. Then, we need to move loads quickly to develop our power.

Overhead medicine ball toss

Start off with an overhead medicine ball toss. When you do this, you are trying to transfer the force from your feet or the ground through your body, into the ball and throw it backwards. Try to hit the ball as hard as you can.

You should be extending the hips progressively with speed and trying to move the ball. Because medicine balls are actually projectile, we don’t have to slow them down so you can put as much speed and force into it as possible and we don’t have to worry about slowing down like you would a barbell, any weights or anything like that.

Triple extension specific

To move on from that into something that’s a little bit more specific for this triple extension, for this hip drive, we’re going to start with a split stance and we’re going to try and transfer the force through our feet into the ball to the wall. So, big step forward.

This could be more specific for things like a sprint start and a first step cut or agility tasks. We recommended about 3 reps and no more than 4 reps on these powerful movements. We want to be fresh with each movement.

Upper body movement

Those are two lower body movements. We’re are going to show you an upper body movement as well. Lay down, you’re going to catch the ball and throw it as quickly as possible, a little bit like you’d see a plyometric movement where, you see a landing and then someone jumping straight away. You’re going to try and catch and throw as quick as possible.

Something like that mimics a bench press or horizontal pressing movement but we can do it as quickly as possible and try and get the ball to move as far as we can.

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