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Working Out Beyond January | Performance Ground
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Working Out Beyond January

Working Out Beyond January - How To Stick To A Diet and Exercise Plan

Working Out Beyond January

How To Stick To A Diet and Exercise Plan

This article is about working out beyond January in particular, how to stick to a diet and exercise plan. We are going to focus on what you can be doing in the months following to ensure that you remain motivated and continue to work towards your health and fitness goals and sustain any changes that you implement for the rest of your life.

THE VIDEO: Working Out Beyond January – How To Stick To A Diet and Exercise Plan

Working Out Beyond January – Keeping Motivated with Mentality

You need to make sure that the goal being set is realistic to you, we may set a goal too ludicrous to achieve and when we don’t get there or see how far we have to go, we will not be successful. This feeds perfectly into the next component of not comparing yourself to others. Your goals are your goals, your current physique, fitness etc are yours, accept where you are now. Quite often we compare ourselves to the weight that someone lifts on a particular exercise or somebody’s physique and want to get to that however, often, skip over that massive part in the middle where they go from point A to point B. Using others as inspiration can be an amazing tool to be able to improve as this is a living goal however, at the same time can be detrimental if comparisons are made on a regular basis. The person you are comparing yourself to may have been training for 5 years which is why they show the technical competency to train well and the aesthetic rewards to such training. If you train the same length of time they did, you can expect to see positive results also. In essence, to ensure you stay motivated mentally with achieving your goals: Train relative to you, ensure you set smart goals, seek inspiration where needed and stop negatively comparing yourself to other people.

Working Out Beyond January – Keeping Motivated with Training

There are many reasons why we struggle to continue our training after the initial ‘revolutionary’ period. The motivation fades and we are left wondering what to do.

Tips to help you stay motivated in order to help you reach your goals

Tip #1: Small steps. You would have heard all the clichés before, such as “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and there is an element of truth to this. However, if you look closely, you would see that whilst the buildings (your goals) haven’t appeared just yet, they are well and truly under construction and this is what we call progress. You will reach your goals through consistency and adherence to the process, just be aware that even though you have not reached your long-term goal you have made small steps towards it.

Tip #2: Creating accountability and social interaction through your training can be a fantastic way to ensure you keep on task. This can mean a variety of things, like finding a good training partner or coach or joining a running club or sports club. Just having someone there next to you to share the highs and lows can go a long way to keeping you on track.

Tip #3: Enjoying the process. Find a mode of exercise or training that you enjoy and this will really help keep the motivation fresh.

Working Out Beyond January – Keeping Motivated with Nutrition

In order to ensure that you keep motivated to achieving your diet and nutrition goals, one of the biggest tips we can give you is to not completely change your nutrition and eating habits all in one go. This would be like buying a second-hand car without checking its MOT history or test driving it then, trying to drive it as fast as you can down the motorway, unaware of any underlying mechanical issues the car may have. The likelihood of something going wrong here is inherently incredibly high as there are so many unknown variables. To ensure that switching to an alternative diet such as the ketogenic diet, will be the right thing for you and will be a positive sustainable change in your life, it is best to integrate the change stage by stage. As such, you need to do the appropriate research before undertaking the diet so that you fully understand the implications of such a lifestyle transformation. When you have the understanding of the physiological and psychological requirements, this will enable you to scale the diet into manageable progressions that your body can adapt more quickly and more easily to the changes it is faced with. Once your body has adapted from the first phase, you can challenge it further with the next stage and so on until you have fully transformed to the full-scale diet. Conversely, this method is also beneficial because if you find that your body struggles to adapt through the small changes, you will have a clear idea that this diet is not fitting for someone of your genetic make-up or activity levels so you can stop straight away rather than having to endure really tough alterations to your lifestyle by going the whole hog right at the start.

If you need further help with making sustainable changes to your lifestyle to evolve your health and fitness for the long-term, book your free fitness consultation today!