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Training Plan for Weight Loss | Performance Ground
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Training Plan for Weight Loss

Training Plan for Weight Loss

Training Plan for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Exercises at Gym

There are a few terms floating around the health and fitness industry when it comes to shifting those unwanted pounds such as body transformation, body composition change or the plain old weight loss or fat loss. In this article, we will talk about the training methods we use for weight loss and also, reiterate on some significant lifestyle points required as well as techniques to avoid.

First things first, this is a lifestyle change for the long term so before you get started with anything you need to understand that you and only you are accountable for making this happen. If you do not commit, take and utilise professional advice and support and remain patient then, unfortunately, you may not achieve what you want.

THE VIDEO: Training Plan For Weight Loss – Weight Loss Exercises at Gym

Nutrition for weight loss

There is no trick to weight loss for the vast majority of the population. Maintain a realistic calorie deficit, include some of the training you enjoy and you will see change. However, there is some fine print. Restricting calories too much i.e. fasting or starving yourself will inhibit your ability to train and likely leave you with a feeling of dread when the 6 am alarm goes for you to pull on your gym kit. It is important you find something YOU love to do.

Technically, it doesn’t matter where the calories come from as a calorie is a calorie but all calories are not created equal. Sure, a big juicy muffin may whet your appetite more than the lean protein and leafy greens but to really benefit from a nutrition and training programme that leaves you with an abundance of energy you need to get the full complement of vitamins and minerals from a variety of fruit and veg.

The name of the game is growth, repair and metabolism; growth of those lovely muscles, repairing the damage done by training and metabolism of those stubborn fat cells. You don’t run a car on an empty tank now do you?

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Make small and systematic lifestyle changes

Think evolution rather than revolution. Try to avoid changing everything that might be hindering your ability to lose weight all at once and concentrate on a few subtle changes in stages. Stage 1 might be to simply switch your sugary processed snacks to fresh fruit and aim to drink more water, 2-3L a day. Have a bottle with you throughout the day so that you are able to measure your consumption. Stage 2 could be to ensure you are actually eating enough fuel so aim for 3 meals a day and try to fill your plate with the rainbow. Don’t be scared of the spinach! Stage 3 onwards, would consist of more complex and calculated changes specific to you.

Get your burn on

There is no fixed training formula to weight loss other than simply burning off more calories than you consume on a daily basis. At Performance Ground, we adopt a holistic approach to weight loss based upon education, engagement and longevity. All our weight loss clients are screened in their movement and lifestyle before setting measurable and realistic targets. We aim to build a strong base of athleticism along with correcting movement and postural issues before picking up the heart rate and awakening that metabolism. Beasting someone through a generic programme until they are sick or unable to walk the next day is not how we work. There is no progress and longevity with this sort of method and will inevitable end in either exhaustion, injury or quitting all together.

Ready to lose weight in a safe and progressive manner having the longer term in mind without having to get beasted, feeling exhausted or quitting all together? Book your free fitness consultation today!

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