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Injury Prevention For The Hips In Muay Thai | Performance Ground
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Injury Prevention For The Hips In Muay Thai

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Injury Prevention For The Hips In Muay Thai

Last week, we looked at core training for Muay Thai and how it can help your fight. In this week’s blog article, we are talking about injury prevention for the hips in Muay Thai specifically, transferring power into your limbs to protect your body from impact. Impact injuries are hard to predict so they are difficult to prevent, usually impacts result in minor trauma like bruises, which can recover quickly and don’t cause any long lasting damage. However, injuries such as strains and sprains are often due to weaknesses and lack of active mobility within a joint. One of the common injury points of Muay Thai is the hip and groin area due to the range and volume the hips are placed under whilst kicking.

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To ensure we can last a sparring session with our hips intact we need to make sure that we have sufficient range of movement in the groin and that we have control of the movement. Here are two movements you can add to either your warm up or your training to bulletproof your hips and groin.

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Standing split

Split your legs to a range where it’s a stretch on your groin, feet facing straight forward. Keep your torso upright and bare the weight through your groin area. Your hips and gluteus will be working hard to stabilize your trunk and maintain your position. If you struggle with this, you can use a band or some kind of handle to assist you so that less of your bodyweight is planted through your legs. To make this harder, either split further so that you have less stability or hold onto a medicine ball or an external weight to strengthen the hip and groin.

Bench side plank

This is a great movement to train the strength and control of the adduction and abduction of your hips as well as hitting your core.  Lay on your side perpendicular to a gym bench and put your top leg on the bench, the bottom leg stays on the floor. Resting on your elbow, lift your hips up so that you create a strong A-shape with your legs. Hold this position for 30 seconds and change sides.

Ensuring we have sufficient range in the hips and that we have control and strength over that range will bulletproof your hips and give you a more powerful kick. A warm up has been provided to add these movements into your training sessions and make your hips bulletproof.

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