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How To Improve Athleticism With Primal Movements | Performance Ground
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How To Improve Athleticism With Primal Movements

How To Improve Athleticism With Primal Movements

How To Improve Athleticism With Primal Movements

Primal Movements For Athletes To Improve Athleticism

Using primal movements is becoming a popular and extremely effective way to condition your body and the funny thing is, it isn’t new. This training modality has been around for quite a while within martial art forms, dance and gymnastics. In this article, we are going to talk about primal movements for athletes to improve athleticism.

THE VIDEO: How To Improve Athleticism With Primal Movements

Primal movements explained.

Primal movements is a training concept that consists of a very basic natural selection of movement patterns that many of us naturally adopt as children as well as the many creatures of the world. Research suggests that locomotion movement within mammals derives from neural pathways within the spine and brain stem indicating that these movements are not learned but innate and waiting for us to unleash.

What are the benefits of primal movements?

These movements utilise the entire body in various planes of motion and challenging positions while, improving your focus, coordination, motor control, balance, flexibility, mobility and most importantly, strength in your weaker and more vulnerable positions. Because these movements flow through such a variety of shapes with constant time under tension you will be working through all contraction types, concentric, eccentric, isometric, utilising joints, levers, tendons and muscles you didn’t know you had. The body is essentially re-setting itself creating space where required, awakening neural pathways and strengthening inactive areas of weakness.

Where do you start with primal movements?

Your first move would be to book your free fitness consultation here!

Otherwise, try out 3 of the most basic animal flow movements as demonstrated in our video.

  1. Duck Walk
  2. Bear Crawl
  3. Sumo Waddle

Don’t worry about sets, reps and perfection straight away as you will soon realise they are challenging. You can incorporate them into your warm up or main session.

Key points to take away.

  1. Work through distance rather than counting steps i.e. 2 x 5m
  2. Take it slow, controlled and at ranges of motion you are comfortable with.
  3. Remember to breath, relax through the movement and give bare foot a try.

As you may well know Rome was not built in a day so consistency and patience are key in order to not only improve your primal movements but also, your athleticism. That elevated split squat, front rack position or t-spine mobility will be thanking you in the long term!

If you want to improve your athleticism with primal movements, book you free fitness consultation here.

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