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How To Do A Split Jerk | Performance Ground
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How To Do A Split Jerk

How To Do A Split Jerk - Split Jerk Exercise and Technique

How To Do A Split Jerk

Split Jerk Exercise and Technique

In this article, we are going to discuss the split jerk and its technical points as well as go through exercise progressions leading into the split jerk. Previously, we went over the clean. Now, the whole lift is called the clean and jerk, two separate parts put together to make one lift. Check out the previous blog on the clean as an introduction to weightlifting. If you are more advanced and want to get better at the split jerk then, read on.

THE VIDEO: How To Do A Split Jerk – Split Jerk Exercise and Technique

Split Jerk

The split jerk has 5 components. These are the start, dip, drive, receive and recovery.


In this phase, stand with feet approximately hip width apart with the bar in the front rack position. This is when the bar is resting on the front of the shoulders with elbows parallel to the floor and hands supporting the bar.


To initiate the movement, flex at the hips and knees, loading the lower body. The torso must stay vertical and you should maintain a strong front rack position. This ensures the bar travels upwards.


In this phase, we reverse the dip. The hips, knees and ankles all extend to accelerate the bar upwards rapidly.


As the bar is accelerating upwards, drop underneath the bar. Split your feet with one foot going in-front and the other foot dropping behind the torso.

The front foot lands on a flat foot with the shin being vertical. The rear foot lands on the ball of the foot where, the leg is slightly flexed to help provide stability on the landing. The arms lock out overhead at the same time as the feet land in order to provide a stable landing. The bar is held directly over the crown of the head.


Once you have received the bar and are stable and ready to finish the movement, step the front foot back to the middle. Then, followed by the back foot. Now, you are holding the bar overhead with your feet side by side. Dump the bar, releasing it in front of you.

Progressions into a Split Jerk

  • Overhead Press: This will aid shoulder strength and stability.
  • Push Press: This will aid power development, teaching how to accelerate the bar.
  • Push Jerk: This will help with initiating the drop underneath the bar in order to catch after extending.
  • Split Squat: This will strengthen the lower body alongside working on stability in a unilateral aspect.
  • Overhead Split Squat: This will work on strength/stability both of the shoulders, as the bar is overhead, and the split position of the lower body.
  • Split Squat Presses: This will work on torso position and lower body stability whilst pressing overhead.
  • Jerk Balance: This will work on speed underneath the bar, helping teach a fast, stable catch.

Now give the split jerk a go!

Overall, this is a very explosive movement and involves big demands on overhead mobility and stability/strength across the whole body. Before jumping into this, go through the exercise list, discover weaknesses and strengthen them. Practice. This is very technical. In order to improve, you must put in a lot of training hours.