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How Kacper went from being a desk jockey to becoming very athletic in Jiu Jitsu in just 7 weeks | Performance Ground
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How Kacper went from being a desk jockey to becoming very athletic in Jiu Jitsu in just 7 weeks

How Kacper went from being a desk jockey to becoming very athletic in Jiu Jitsu in just 7 weeks

How Kacper went from being a desk jockey to becoming very athletic in Jiu Jitsu in just 7 weeks

PG Sports Performance Client Stories: Kacper

Kacper, 24 year old busy corporate and Jiu Jitsu athlete, is desk bound all day suffering from tight muscles and poor posture. He was overwhelmed by his poor life quality as this was also causing him to underperform in Jiu Jitsu, his only escape from work. Kacper wanted to become more mobile, improve his posture and strength and become a Jiu Jitsu athlete who is finally able to outmanoeuvre his opponents. He had heard about the effectiveness of the Performance Ground 6 week Kickstart programme having read about several success performance stories of our clients so he decided to join our family.

Kacper improved his thoracic and hip mobility while improving his movement competency and strength carrying these over into Jiu Jitsu as well.

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THE VIDEO: How Kacper went from being a desk jockey to becoming very athletic in Jiu Jitsu in just 7 weeks

The Challenge

Kacper is desk bound for most of his day. This lifestyle often leads to atrophy of the muscles, poor posture and consequently, thoracic tightness and hip flexor/hamstring tightness and weakness. This element is further reinforced as Kacper is fairly new to gym training so the exposure to training is low.

Kacper trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which, is a contact sport that involves outmanoeuvring your opponent to score points in ways such as takedowns, sweeps, mounted position and so on. Essentially, you have to out strengthen, lever and position your opponent to beat them whilst acting fast. This requires mobility of a lot of joints to achieve very random positions at any point during a bout and also, strength to control the opponent.

Kacper’s immobility and lack of experience in gym training were causing him to underperform in Jiu Jitsu and he wanted to improve this. That’s when he came to Performance Ground.

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The road to better posture and Jiu Jitsu performance

The gym training programme has been devised in order to achieve improvements in Kacper’s mobility especially, in his thoracic and hips. Due to his low training age, another focus is improving the technique of his lifts. Moreover, the motor patterns for his movements have to be engrained. We are building the foundations in the ground before we build the house. Work capacity is another element that has a focus at the start of the training. We need to get the tissues to endure work before the load can begin to increase. This is going to aid recovery between sets and sessions as well as the carryover into Jiu Jitsu that is a repeatedly demanding sport. In order to engrain motor patterns and work capacity, the rep scheme was high, performing 10-12 reps of exercises, to both perfect the movement and get the muscles and joints involved into fatigue.

The warm up has been a great way to attack Kacper’s mobility issues. The movements that Kacper initially was completing were introductory forms of movements. For example, he was completing goblet squats for 3 sets of 12 reps with a low hold position at the bottom. Here, he is working on his squat pattern, improving mobility of the hips and ankle through the squat movement whilst also, strengthening the upper back as he has to hold the dumbbell in a goblet position.

Once Kacper was able to own his squat, control the movement and see good progressions both technically and physically, we progressed on to barbell back squats to a box where, we are completing the same squat technique with a different loading position and increased difficulty due to the heavier loads. This train of thought is carried out throughout his programme targeting different movement patterns.

Another aspect towards the end of Kacper’s session has been locomotion work. This is where he is training movements that may seem random but are designed to improve his kinaesthetic awareness. This is the awareness of your own body that is quite pivotal in Jiu Jitsu where, limb positioning and levering the opponent is so important in order to score points to win.

The Outcome

Kacper has completed 7 weeks of training with us as following his successful completion of our 6 week Kickstart programme, he decided to carry on training with us. His movement competency has improved steeply. He is becoming really aware of his body and positions that he needs to hit. The intensity has increased and he is still hitting these good positions. Mobilitywise, he has seen improvements in both his thoracic and hip mobility. He has mentioned that during sparring sessions, he has been able to escape from positions that he previously was unable to much better and this was a subconscious effort. He wanted to do a specific movement and his body just responded efficiently. Overall, so far, he has been able to see progress in his mobility, technique, strength and ability to apply this to Jiu Jitsu.

We are excited to see more progress come from him and create a fully mobile and efficient martial artist even though he is a desk bound busy corporate.

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