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Explosive Speed Training Best Full Body Dynamic Warm Up | Performance Ground
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Explosive Speed Training Best Full Body Dynamic Warm Up

Speed Training Best Full Body Dynamic Warm Up

Explosive Speed Training Best Full Body Dynamic Warm Up

Explosive speed training with this full body dynamic warm up that will shave seconds off the clock

If you are an athlete at Performance Ground or you follow our blogs, you will know how much we value a progressive warm up.  The warm up is consistently the most important part of your training, a poor warm up can hinder your performance and even put you at risk of injury.  Getting it right is essential, a good warm up will not only prime you for your training session ahead but also allow you to develop new skills, improve your mobility and turn into a better athlete before the hard work even starts. In this article we are discussing explosive speed training best full body dynamic warm up.

We know that the warm up is important and that it needs to represent a progressive build up in intensity specifically for your session ahead. Here, we have provided a simple progressive warm up that can be used before an explosive speed and acceleration training session on the track or on the field that will prepare you for newfound speeds and shave seconds off the clock.


Each movement is dynamic and locomotive. This means you will be traveling down the track with each step and moving rather than holding positions or stretches.  A description of each movement has been provided.

Explosive Speed Training Best Full Body Dynamic Warm Up 

Walking lunge/ Overhead

The walking lunge is great for opening up the hips, getting the legs moving and building strength on one leg.  Take a stride forward and drop straight down to touch the back knee on the ground and exchange your arms as if you are running. Stand up and repeat on the opposite leg for 10 metres. When you have performed 10 metres, turn around and come back with your arms locked out above your head, stay ridged through the torso and try to remain as upright as possible.

Knee Tuck Marches

The knee tuck is used to improve your range through your hip and the high knee position that you see the best sprinters adopt. Remain as tall as possible and pull your knee up towards your chest rather than tucking your chest towards your knee.  Keep your standing leg straight and don’t tuck your tailbone under as you pull the knee up.

Frankenstein March

We have all seen Frankenstein walk. His arms are out in front and his legs stiff. We are going to replicate this and apply it to our sprint warm up. Stand tall and put your arm out in front of you, keeping your leg stiff, kick your foot across your body up towards your opposite hand and pull the foot back down into the ground as you step forward.  Here, we are putting your hamstring through a range, producing some force into the ground as you pull your foot back down.

High knees

It is likely that you have come across the high knee run or a variation of the drill.  This time we are trying to stay as tall as possible and keep the spine in a neutral position rather than kick the knees as high as we can. Ensure that your are pumping your arms with each stride, trying to apply force into the ground.

Heel Picks

Again, heel picks are a commonly used warm up drill but often done mindlessly with no real application into sprinting.  Pick the heel up towards your buttocks rather than kicking them backwards and cycle the foot down underneath you. Pump your arms as if you are running. It may feel strange at first but make sure that you are driving the arms back to counterbalance yourself from your heel pick.

Bounding High/Bounding Long

Now that you have raised your temperature, your range of movement and primed sprint specific movements it’s time to add some intensity into the warm up before you race out of the gate. Bounds are perfect for teaching knee drive and improving rigidity throughout the torso whilst sprinting.  Take a couple of steps to get your self up to speed then, with each stride drive your knee upwards, exchange your arms and bound as high as you can. Cycle your legs in the air and land on the opposite foot like an exaggerated running movement.  When you have performed 10 metres, turn around and come back to the start position performing the same bounding movement but exaggerating the distance with each stride rather than the height, maintaining your posture and position throughout the leap.

Performing these simple warm up movements will prime your body for some really explosive sprint training. If you are going into an acceleration training session you may want to have a go at some specific acceleration drills like a wall drive or broad jumps. If you are approaching a maximum speed training session you could add some rigidity and cyclical drills like A-skips and B-skips to the end of this warm up.

Download the Warm Up For Explosive Sprints Freebie

Good luck!

Ashley Capewell