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5 Tips To Improve Your Commute | Performance Ground
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5 Tips To Improve Your Commute

5 Tips To Improve Your Commute

5 Tips To Improve Your Commute

Plan your commute

We get up, get dressed and out of the house to start what can be quite a long and stressful journey for some. You may not have a choice due to work location or financial reasons however, there are some very simple and effective things you can adjust or adopt in your commute that can help improve your health, mental wellness and even performance. Our Performance Coaches at Performance Ground do a little more than just help improve your deadlift. Although, they are experts in this they adopt a holistic approach for anyone that comes through the door and that may include nutritional support, lifestyle changes or simply a balanced training programme to improve their energy.

THE VIDEO: 5 Tips To Improve Your Commute – Plan Your Commute

With anything wellness, lifestyle and performance related it always comes down to one thing…. consistency. Unfortunately, things like this don’t change over-night and you will have to be patient, realistic and consistent in order to see and more importantly feel better. Have a look at the 5 tips we feel are the most relevant and beneficial and remember to make one change at a time, stick to it and take time to reflect after a few weeks on how it has helped before making any further changes.

5 Tips To Improve Your Commute

  1. Move more

This is our ‘blockbuster’ and one that can make the biggest difference. Whether you have a go at biking to work or to the station, choose to run to work and commute as normal back home, walk more by using stairs over elevators and walk the escalator or even just stand for part of the journey. First of all, its free fitness gains, it can provide an energy boost and a nice dump of feel good endorphins as well as help correct and prevent common imbalances and postural issues like tight hip flexors and inactive glutes.

  1. Turn-off

We know how hard it can be to leave the work, emails and phone behind…. not literally. Remember it is not forever, just for the 15 or 45min you have alone on your walk, bus or train. Try to use this time to literally do nothing but day dream, think about family and what is important to you. Be away with the fairies so to speak!

  1. Switch it up

Routine and consistency are important however, so is variation. Healthy variations in your lifestyle throughout the changing seasons can have a deeper impact on brain health, boost your cognitive ability and even help you deal with more challenging and stressful situations. If you are able try to try and switch up your route walking or on the bike on a more regular basis, the change of scenery clarity of thought and getting out of a mundane routine/route may give you a new spark.

  1. All in the prep

We know that you have pretty busy lives these days with work, travel, family balance. Instead of buying a quick and at times inadequate breakfast or lunch, have a go at prepping your own. 80/20 mean anything to you? You will hear it everywhere and they are not wrong, nutrition has a significant impact on so many levels from physiological health, fitness and performance, recovery and emotional wellbeing. If you are able to take more control of just one meal a day it will start to have a dramatic impact on your physical and mental wellbeing and even have a ripple effect on making further changes for not only yourself but your family, friends and even colleagues. You might even sav£ a little too!

Good calmer

Easier said than done but just give our 5 tips to improve your commute a go. Treat everyone you encounter the same way you would like to be treated…it may surprise you what happens, who you encounter and how it ultimately makes you feel.

And if you need help with planning your commute or performance in general, we’re here for you. Book your free fitness consultation and let us help you today!

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