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5 Reasons Why Performance Ground Leaves Commercial Gyms In The Dust | Performance Ground
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5 Reasons Why Performance Ground Leaves Commercial Gyms In The Dust

5 Reasons Why Performance Ground Leaves Commercial Gyms In The Dust

5 Reasons Why Performance Ground Leaves Commercial Gyms In The Dust

With the popularisation of weight training in recent years, choosing a gym that suits the lifting needs can sometimes be a tough decision. Here are 5 reasons why Performance Ground leaves commercial gyms in the dust.


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  1. Competition Grade Equipment vs Cheap Equipment

So often you walk into a commercial gym and there are banks of treadmills, bikes, rowers and fixed plane machines for isolating almost every muscle in the body. However, when you look over at the free weights section, there is likely to be one, maybe two squat racks, and you are lucky if there is a platform. There are signs everywhere indicating that you should not drop any weights on the floor. If you are a bodybuilder, fixed plane machines serve their purpose however, if you are just a general gym goer, free weight exercises are a far more effective way to train. Here at Performance Ground, the first thing you will notice when you step foot on the gym floor, is the number of free weights and space to lift. With only one treadmill, one watt bike and one rowing machine for cardio and a leg press, being the only fixed plane machine, most of the gym is used to train with free weights and train large movements to recruit as many muscles as possible with each lift. All equipment is state of the art and competition grade, to ensure that no matter what level of training you are at you are using the equipment used at the very elite end of the spectrum.

Another scenario, you often find in commercial gyms is the amount of time you spend in the gym due to having to wait for equipment to free up. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting to use a squat rack to lift big, when the person using it is doing bicep curls in the rack. You never have to worry about that here at Performance Ground as there is a limit to the number of people that can book onto a session to ensure that you never have to wait for any piece of equipment needed. All sessions are planned by the coaches to ensure every minute of the session is utilised.

  1. Time efficiency vs Time wasting

This leads me onto my next point. With the London life being so hectic most people have to be very efficient with their time in order to be able to train. So often people go to the gym and spend hours and hours in there doing many exercises for each muscle group, amongst waiting for equipment. Here at Performance Ground, sessions last 1 hour, sessions are structured to ensure that every exercise is specific to a goal and no time is wasted at all. We feel that a one hour well-structured session is more than enough to make good progress.

  1. Expertise: Coaches educated to university degree level vs 6 Week Education

Weight training or any training is a skill, and like any other skill they need to be developed. In order to develop training skills, a systematic, evidenced based approach needs to be followed in order to ensure each movement is done effectively and efficiently. So often people in commercial gyms are left to their own devices to figure out how they are going to reach their goals, with no emphasis on structure or technique being followed. Here at Performance Ground, every session is accompanied by at least one strength and conditioning coach. Each coach places a large amount of accountability on themselves to ensure that every single athlete or individual that walks through the doors is provided with a structured progressive programme that guides them safely to their goals. These goals are constantly monitored and progressed with the input of the individual at hand. All members are consistently assessed to ensure that progress is being made, as well as ensuring all practices in the gym are based upon scientific evidence. This is something that is not available at commercial gyms.

  1. Variation and Progress vs Monotony and Plateaus

Monotony is a common theme amongst many commercial gym goers. Many people do the exact same thing every week, same reps, same exercises and most likely the same load. Whilst you need consistency to get better at a lift. It is important that there is variation in your training to make progress. Here at Performance Ground, we make sure that all the principles of training are met to ensure nobody ever stagnates and loses interest in training. It is important to tailor reps and load, ensure overload, progress and allow for recovery to attain maximal adaptation to the training stimulus.

  1. Longer Term Performance Objectives vs Short Term Aesthetics Objectives

Many commercial gyms advertise themselves with slogans like ‘get your summer body now’ or ‘get a 6 pack in 30 days’. We feel here at Performance Ground that aesthetic improvement is a by-product of weight training and that people should be aiming to train to more specific, measurable goals. Before the initiation of a programme all clients are assessed and sat down and to discuss goals and ensure a tangible objective is created. The assessment allows for a measurable progress and constant monitoring with a starting point. We aim for performance of lifestyle goals at Performance Ground, as these significant specific goals will create more motivation to train and therefore, bring about benefits such as aesthetics. Whether the goal is to be able to walk up the stairs pain free, or take 15 minutes off your half marathon time, the coaches at Performance Ground have the expertise to get you to these goals.