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4 Barbell Exercises To A Perfect Warm Up | Performance Ground
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4 Barbell Exercises To A Perfect Warm Up

4 Barbell Exercises To A Perfect Warm Up

4 Barbell Exercises To A Perfect Warm Up

Barbell exercises warm up routine.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can use barbell exercises to warm up.

We always advise warming up using the RAMP protocol which, means raise, activate, mobilise and potentiate. You can do various walks, crawls, bridges and dynamic stretches and then to potentiate you can use a barbell to warm up.

What exercises can we use in a barbell warm up?

You can start with a normal back squat. Just take a normal back squat position. Obviously, just use a light bar. Start squatting down. You are going to mainly warm up your legs and also, activate your quads. We suggest doing around 6 – 10 reps.

The next exercise is a shoulder press. Move the bar in front of your chest. Again, raising your core, you are going to bend your knees a little bit and then, push the bar above your head, trying to straighten your elbows again. Take the bar above and slightly behind your head but make sure you move your head out of the way.

Next, we’ll go into an RDL warming up our hamstrings and glutes as well as our lower back. So, slight bend in your knees and then flat back. Hinge from the hips, push your hips back at the same time and keep your shoulders retracted.

For the next one, we’re going to go in the bottom position of an RDL and do a bent over row, getting some mobility in the scapula and also, activating the muscles in the upper back. Keeping the bar relatively close, keep the elbows close to your trunk and just go up and down in a controlled manner.

These are a few exercises that you can use in a barbell warm up. Obviously, there are many more that you can use for example, you can include different lunge variations so you can do a lot more with a barbell.

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